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The Farm

Education Support Sessions - Tuesdays 10:30 - 1:30

Our education support sessions on the farm are made up of of a multi age and ability group of six children/young people (10-16) and three staff. We are based on a working stud (horse) farm in rural three mile cross. We have access to a large open space, the riding school when not in use and a lorry base and Hay barn providing (very limited) indoor/sheltered  space. 


Activities include bush arts and crafts, nature walks, construction projects, circle time, obstacle courses, music and ponycare.  Although we do not allow young people to ride the horses we learn about looking after them and interact with and observe them during every session. We cook our lunch over a fire and eat together and spend time playing and developing our resilience to the outdoors. We grow and harvest vegetables in our raised beds and watch how the seasons affect our environment. 

Where possible we try to meet on the Farm whatever the weather so it is really important that our young people come equipped for all conditions. In the winter months welly boots and warm clothing including gloves are a must.

Cost: £150 per session

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) - Thursdays between 9:30 and 2:30

Equine Facilitated learning is and experiential therapeutic approach working with horses on the ground., helping the child/young person or group to explore body language, behaviour and emotional states, as well as reflecting on the relationships around them, their life situation and regulating their own emotions. EFL helps young people set and work towards personal goals, develop confidence and overcome fears, as well as developing problem solving skills. Our programme can explore many issues including transitions, self identity, family relationships, educational challenges, setting goals, friendships, communication, boundaries and other bespoke needs.   

Cost - 480 per 6 week block

Please enquire for group and one off rates


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