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About Us

Nancy Magon

Nancy is a registered children's social worker who has been supporting young people and their families for over a decade.  She is an expert in fostering, and acts as a consultant in this area.   Nancy is Aurora's Safeguarding lead and training expert. With a particular interest in holistic health and the importance of safe touch; Nancy brings a unique perspective on changing the narrative for vulnerable young people and inspiring systemic change in children's lives.  

Marvin Carpenter

Marvin has been supporting and teaching young people with ranging abilities in tertiary education for 20 years. He is a calm and reflective practitioner with a range of diverse musical and creative skills. As a qualified educator Marvin is the lead for creative learning and media, ensuring that talent is nurtured and our young people learn to discover confidence and self esteem through innovation and practical expression

Sarah Magon

Sarah is a qualified primary school teacher with a background in counselling, hypnotherapy and therapeutic end of life  care. She has an inclusive and knowledgeable teaching style, which is rooted in individuality, child focus and divergent thinking. Sarah’s outdoor lesson and activity plans reflect her broad and varied knowledge base and can be adapted for young people of all ages.

Mike Workman

Mike has been a freelance photographer for over 30 years but has dedicated the last 17 years to education. Starting as a part time lecturer at Reading College in 2003 he added a teaching diploma and a Masters Degree to his existing qualifications. Mike and has developed his education skills through his time as a full time lecturer. Mike has extensive experience of working with SEN students within mainstream education, Mike is an expert in developing individualised curricula for students who find education challenging.

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