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Here at Aurora progress is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to find what works for individuals and use individual strengths to develop the whole person. Our network and connections mean that we are able to signpost our clients to services that may benefit them even if we do not offer it ourselves.

Please ask if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Supported Contact 


For young people growing up in our care system the time spent with family is often an infrequent and special occasion. On average a young person in long-term foster care is likely to have the opportunity to spend time with their parents and siblings four to six times per year.


It is often hard for families to come to terms with the fact that they are not able to live together- it is vital that when they can spend time together it is supported, constructive and safe.


We offer a choice of activity based environments for our supported contact sessions, our staff provide support and encouragement for young people and their families to engage in a range of activities, strengthening relationships and providing guidance where needed. This results in everyone getting a positive experience from the time spent together and the activity focus can help to detract from painful memories.


We offer our service from a choice of two locations. One a rural farm environment just outside Reading, families can enjoy time in nature walking, crafting and spending time with the horses if they wish. Our Hub is based in East Reading and is a multifunctional space with a coffee and snack bar on the ground floor. From the Hub we can offer a variety of arts, craft and practical activities, or a space for a young person to sit and have a milkshake with their family in a safe and non-threatening environment.


All of our staff are fully DBS checked and trained in safeguarding and mental health first aid. We complete a thorough referral process and will liaise with parents directly when needed. Due to COVID 19 we have adapted our cleaning and risk assessment processes to incorporate pre-screening questions and a focus more on outdoor activities. Observational reports are produced for each session

Child Care

We provide structured activity based holiday child care sessions at a choice of locations during the school holidays. Young people can learn more about animals at the farm, get crafty at he hub, or attend one of our multi-sports camps (in association with Virtu academy).


Outdoor learning


A choice of structured activity based sessions adaptable for all ages and abilities