U R Capoeira

UR Capoeira group philosophy and training methods are a culmination of over 30 years studying Brazilian Capoeira.  The teachings aim to help students develop further than the physical aspects of Capoeira Angola which then allows Capoeira to become part of one's life and a constant positive way to live.  Physical training with a connection to rhythm really helps growth in many aspects of being human.  It connects us to our bodies in a way that many popular training methods cant, finally, the emotions are tested, realised and challenged in the game - we call it THE GAME OF LIFE
UR Capoeira director and master of the group teaches in Hackney London and is available for workshops and seminars.  The group also has teachers in Birmingham, Reading and Berlin and promotes annual events, monthly Rodas and occasional trips to Brazil (when possible). 

If your interested in any aspects of Capoeira please contact us and we will be very pleased to help you discover all the benefits of Capoeira Angola

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Rabo Da arria em queda da rins

Jumping Spinning Kick

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Looking Rabo da arria

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