Nutrition for Body Mind Soul


I have always taken a personal interest in my health and wellbeing, from experimenting with diet changes, nutritional supplements and various exercises and wellbeing activities to find a balance that supported me to feel good, supported my health and created happiness within myself. Studying Human Sciences, Biomedicine and Nutrition really helped me piece together holistically all the various elements  and gave me an in depth inner standing of the bodily processes and also dis-ease processes. Taking my wellness into my own hands was very empowering and so my journey in nutrition started. I wanted to share this knowledge with everyone so they too could understand prevention over cure. I am a registered and accredited nutritional therapist who specialises in a number of wellness therapies to best support both the mind and body. My nutritional therapy consultations are person centred around your needs, by taking a holistic approach to you and your lifestyle to optimise your health and wellbeing to your highest potential. Using evidence based nutritional science, I can support you by understanding and embracing the mind, body and soul symptoms and emotions, and then creating a bespoke nutritional and lifestyle plan that fits in with your needs and motivation.

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