Mz Rootz

In 2012 I carried out a piece of independent research where I went out into the community and asked the public what they knew about Africa prior to the Slave Trade.    


I confirmed my thoughts when the research established a huge void… I felt responsible and decided I needed to write a formal course below degree level.  I took the program to all the major examination boards in the UK.  After battling with ‘red tape’, I found 1 centre who were willing to accredit the course at National level.    


My aim was to establish a ‘full’ qualification but was told I must prove there was a need by producing numbers.  Pls see this article for more information: 


Unfortunately, due to lack of support, funding and my own personal responsibilities I had to put the course in archive.  


Until now… quarantine, George Floyd & BLM inspired me to revive the resource.  I decided to create a youtube channel and upload all the material with online sessions for anyone to access for free. 


We are asking that you subscribe to the channel, take a look at the content and share with your network to prove that there is a need for such content/course – this should contribute to the numbers required to apply for the qualification & provide opportunity to raise funds to continue to improve and develop our initiatives.    


I will be uploading new material regularly and aim to create an online learning community where we can continue to discuss needs and future developments.