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Hey everybody :-) We are a community enterprise running a hub in East Reading, we sell coffee, milkshakes, fresh bakes and good conversation! In addition we offer educational support services to vulnerable young people and have a rolling programme of evening activities (covid permitting) for people of all ages... Come down and check it out!!!





I confirmed my thoughts when the research established a huge void… I felt responsible and decided I needed to write a formal course below degree level.  I took the program to all the major examination boards in the UK.  After battling with ‘red tape’, I found 1 centre who were willing to accredit the course at National level.

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Sonia has always taken a personal interest in her health and wellbeing, from experimenting with diet changes, nutritional supplements and various exercises and wellbeing activities to find a balance that supported her to feel good, supported her health and created happiness within herself. 

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Hubart is a new page for an aspiring artist with anything creative. From coasters and pictures for your wall to bespoke guitars and vinyl Hubart can cater for any of your needs. Below is some of pictures of his work. Some of his work is available to purchase from The Hub.

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Stories and activities

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Karen Stanley is a writer and former teacher with 20 years classroom and Assistant Headteacher experience. Karen passionate about books and literacy and have written 7 books to date - 4 in the genre of women's fiction and 3 children's books including fiction, poetry and a book on creative writing ideas.

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Health & Well being


In this increasingly competitive market, Edifying Answers empowers individuals, teams,

and businesses to unlock insight by providing training, workshops and mentoring to create

personal and interactive experiences that evoke change and boost confidence.

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A lot of people have asked me lately what has inspired me to push forward with my ideas this year despite all that seems to be going wrong with the world at the moment. Those who know me will be aware that I have been talking about doing things for a long time, I have spent years building up connections. I am so grateful to have spoken with people who think like me, want to make a difference, and who have now contacted me because they want to be part of the change....more